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CBAA Photo Archive Gallery

To make it easier for you to choose the photos you wish to see, I've named the photo and listed the file size and a brief description. If anyone has a photo to add to the collection, contact Tony Segro

Steve and Will (12K) Steve Sherk and Will Arnold watch a midget game during the Kratzer Tournament
Brandon (25K) Brandon Arnold hangs out near the dugout of the Jr.Midget Red game
Steve and Barry (31K) Steve Sherk and Barry Ford sit on the bench watching a midget game. The CBAA has given the bench a nickname to represent the guys who sit there. It's affectionately known as FBR. (Only CBAA folks know what these 3 letters stand for)
Jerry Stark at the Bridge Bust (12K) Jerry Stark, a member of Columbia's Fire Police, is on duty at the annual Bridge Bust. Notice the little canine buddy at his side
Gary Kauffman (41K) Gary Kauffman takes a break from helping with the field detail during the Kratzer
Lance Birk (44K) He-man Lance Birk getting the 4-wheeler ready for action. Either that or he's giving his annual Tarzan yell of "IT'S OVER!! IT'S OVER!!" signifying the end of baseball for the season
Jerry mows the grass (13K) Jerry Stark mows the grass at Columbia High School's football field
All 7 photos (181K) A montage of all 7 photos above. It may take awhile to load

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