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CBAA Newsletter OnLine Fall '2000

Featured Stories
2001 Officers

The 2001 CBAA officers are as follows : President Will Arnold, Vice President Tony Segro, Secretary Kelly Bransby, Treasurer Bill Kloidt, Purchasing Agent Steve Sherk, Board of Directors Fred Colon, Lance Birk, Tim O'Donnell, Mick Rupp, Ronnie Groom, Karl Kreiser. Resignations were accepted from Dave Mowrer and Donna Guiles. Barry Ford also resigned the office of President do to health reasons. A special get together will be held for Barry on Sat. Sept.28 at Glatfelters. Barry was a coach and officer in the CBAA for 22 years. Mike Lintner replaces Tim Fisher as Softball Commissioner for 2001, and Missy Nace takes over Tony Segro's position as Basketball Director.

CBAA Expands Boundaries

The CBAA membership approved the expansion of the boundaries. Up to this time, the only youth eligible to participate in CBAA were those who lived within the borough limits. Youth outside the limits were eligible but had to pay a fee of $100. Through a 3-meeting vote, the organization voted to admit any youngster whose postal zip code is 17512. This moves opens up the boundaries from 1 1/2 square miles to almost 6 square miles. The players would pay the $25 registration fee to participate, and would come into affect in time for CBAA Basketball and CBAA Wrestling.

October Dates
Oct.16Basketball Fun Nights begin... Park School

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