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CBAA Football 1974
1999 marks the 25th. year that the CBAA Football Program has been a member of the Red Rose Midget Football League in Lancaster County. Over the past quarter century, the CBAA's opponents have changed as several teams are no longer in the Red Rose League. I dug into some of my archive photos and found newspaper team photos of the first four CBAA teams that played in the Red Rose League 25 years ago.

Members of the 1974 CBAA "A" team are: first row, left to right-- Tony Loreto, Joe Storm, George Hartman, Mike Wise, Bill Swingler, Chet Hollingsworth, Dave Eck, Jeff Bell, John Miltenberger, Ed Mull; second row--Merryl Bright, Walter Sheetz, Art Brommer, Bruce Gilbert, Chris Lynch, Mark Hartman, Brad Kramer, Tim Bigler, Ambrose Marchant, Eric Horn. Absent at the time were Mike Richardson, Tony Proctor, Mike Baham, Alan Arnold, Shane Hake, Todd Wagner, John Graham and Coaches Don Sholl, Ed Wise, Jim Bigler, Dan Seasock and Jerry Mowrer

Members of the 1974 CBAA "B" team are: first row, left to right-- Jim Spence, Mike Zercher, Scott Meisinger, Don Rapp, John Smaling, Scott Hoffman, Dave Droege, Greg Dancause, Skip Kitch, Mark Maurer, Tim Smith, Greg Hershey; second row--Bob Clinton, John Reitzel, Mike Barton, Dan Yost, Mark Nitroy, Denny Bachman, Jim Swisher, Jim O'Riley, Warren Yohe, Dave Bryant, Dan Fahringer, Dave Mowrer, Douglas Brommer, Mike Bell, Todd Kramer, Frank Barton, Colby Tuell; back row--Coach Frank Barton. Absent at the time were Scott Benedict, Coaches Bill Koehler and Denny Bachman and Manager Frank Henshaw

Members of the 1974 CBAA "C" team are: first row, left to right--Brad Zeamer, Larry Troutman, Dale Swarr, Chris Zercher, Roger Wallace, Curt O'Brien, Bob Bigler, Russ Veach, Jim Bowers, Don Clark. Second row--Dave Thomas, Ray Griffith, Greg Fox, Brian Groft, Bob Phillips, Marlyn Arnold, Bob Droege, Ron Roye, George Inman, Joe Glatfelter, Greg Kaufhold. Coaches not pictured were Mike Mowrer, George Weis and Jack Horner

Members of the 1974 CBAA "D" team, which won its division championship in the Red Rose League are: first row left to right--Bob Coller, Sar Groft, Jim Kramer, Mike Halter, Eric Broome, Mike Hershey, Rusty Horner, Abe Bachman, Bill Haverstick, Charlie Thomas, Scott Snyder, Bob Storm, Ray Plowman, Mark Buzzendore, Steve Kuhn. Second row-- Gary Fox, Bill Wright, Jim Wagner, Ron Clark, Tom Wagner, Stu Keyser, Dave Fox, Mike McCarty, Jim Fatta, Drew Wallace, Eric Cranford, Dale Aston, Scott Haldeman, Denny Rapp, Bob Buzzendore, Vernon Detz. Third row--Head Coach John Zercher, Coach Rusty Rupp, Scott West, Terry Spence, Larry Ford, Tony Kaufhold and Coach Mike Halter. Absent at the time were Coaches Leo Storm and John Green