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Senior Boys are in grades 7 and 8, and are part of the high school Junior High Program. Thes boys attend open gyms with the junior high (9th.graders). The only boys who may play Senior Boys are players who do not play in a Junior High game. These boys practice with the Junior High JV team. The Senior Boys also contain boys who do not play JrHigh JV, but are in grades 7 or 8.

1999-2000 CBAA Senior Boys "A" Team

James Burke
Mike Guiles
Andrew Strickler
Scott Creek
Jeremy Ernst
Ryan Stoutzenberger
Corey Bitzel
Jonathan Bernard
Dave Smith
Ken Wagner
Mike Bowers
Mike Shelley
Coaches Dave Pittman and Tom Strickler

1999-2000 CBAA Senior Boys "B" Team

Damian Colon
Jermel Colon
Sameer Avasarala
Joe Williams
Jeremiah Dates
Freddie Ramos
Terry Flanagan
Travis Proctor
Aubrey Helton
Matt Poole
Tim Smith
Jeff Holdsworth
Coaches Tony Segro and Terry Dean Cornelius

Team Photo 1998 Senior Boys