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M.Joseph Kratzer Tournament

JMM game circa 1985
Columbia vs. Weigelstown
Photo by Tony Segro
Midget Division

Midget-Midget Division

Junior Midget-Midget Division

The 1999 M.Joseph Kratzer Youth Baseball Tournament has come to an end. Hats off to all the players, coaches, umpires, fans, and CBAA personnel who braved the 100+ degree heat (it was probably 120-130 degrees on the fields). The games went off pretty much on schedule, thanks to the great work of the field crew. There was one no-hitter thrown. To quote Lance Birk:

Midget Division: Won by PEQUEA VALLEY
Midget-Midget Division: Won by MOUNTVILLE
Jr.Midget-Midget Division: Won by WILLOW STREET

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