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Columbia Boys A.A. Baseball Program
Columbia, Pennsylvania

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JUNIOR MIDGETS (boys 12-13)

MAJOR LEAGUE (boys 10-12)

MINOR LEAGUE (boys 8-10)

GIRLS SOFTBALL (girls 8-15)

T-BALL (boys and girls ages 5-7)

2001 Kratzer Tourney photos (1st. weekend)

Umpires meet
Matt and Morgan help with field prep
Chris helps with field prep
Game in Progress #1
JMM Game in Progress
Fans watch field 1 activity
Columbia Midgets in action with St.Leo
Up by the gates, chicken BBQ in progress
Bill selling CBAA booster tickets
A pickup basketball game in progress at the park

2001 Kratzer Tournament Champs

JMM Division (ages 8-9) MOUNTVILLE CUBS
MM Division (ages 10-12) MANOR RIDGE/ WEST END
MIDGET Division (ages 14-15) ELIZABETHTOWN